Rabu, 31 Agustus 2016


Lol. Finally I've made another blogspot despite being busy with procrastinating this. And to be appreciated, I am deciding to continue this 30 days of challenge even when one of the member of this challenge was getting married *throw confetti* rudyoneko.blogspot.com

Without further excuse, I list down my five common favorite things :)


My never ending craving, ALL HAIL CHOCOLATE! People who used to live with me unnecessarily know that I stock chocolates up in my room (esp. when exams comes). I don’t need a fine dining or even shopping for those kind of anxiety killer (lol). But my sweet tooth does take considerable amount of chocolate or I will take insulin shoot if I don’t consider about my own body. My favorite? Ranging from the simple one, dark cooking chocolate, chocolate with nuts/almonds, five fingers, chocolate spreads, or choco in snacks like cookies, choco fondue, and chocolates in artisan drinks. And I’m craving into chocolate cheese cake now.


My babies! True that I’m lying. My most favorite babies in my favorite show rite now and sadly it was over now (honestly, the only one Korean show that I watch regularly now. Yes I’m not into korean drama since it was hard to catch up and I end up asking people to tell me the ending of the story lol). The babies was too adorable (of course) and what thing I love is how their parents educate them, it was too good! They did learn about manners in the early age and they did know about doing chores. It didn’t really waste my time to watch them since I get to learn about parenting (did I say being a parents? Hahaha).


Even I’m majoring in Medicine (to be exact, I’m already got my Bachelor of Medicine), I have lots of interest in other fields such as patisserie, cooking, and yes, interior design. Who doesn’t love seeing IKEA catalog? So do I. I do love to see such a nice house, a shabby chic one, a nicely designed room, and comfy work station. Sadly, I can’t afford this hobby now (since it was pricey, lol) I just can saving those pictures from internet and a window shopping at ACE hardware won’t kill me.

I do in love to cute socks, one of temptation that I can’t resist. So far I have few socks (since I have to share with my Mom). Few of them were from my friend that did summer school in Inha. So I just can stare on my LCD and hope that sooner or later I can buy it again!
PS: I had enough (actually more than enough) socks, so I decided to sell it out :) kindly visit the instagram: instagram.com/SOCK.INC


Simply because nutty sauce, end.

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