Rabu, 28 September 2016


Finally I push my self to start again and make another light blog post in order to make this page alive. It would be nice if I can regularly post something here, and sorry not sorry it definitely would left some of my awful writing tracks. To be honest, it is not a shameful thing since I write to learn and growing the skill. Well, it's not like I don't have any idea to make more post, but yes, I am just that awful to write. Sometimes I just have some kind random thought or what Inang said as "peep talk", but I never thought to elaborate and make a decent blog post.

I did promise my self to continue writing about things in my wallet since it has already in my more than half  30 days of challenge. I've alrd doing this challenge for about two years. It took more than TWO YEARS. Talking about procrastination (?). Procrastinate would be my forever obstacle to write.

So! Back to the point about my wallet, My wallet is red like I use in my blog graphic. It's a mediocre because I just dont know what colors should I take since my previous one was fine but my mother persisted to buy a new one. So I let her to choose as she would. And I could guess that she would choose red, talking about her preference. I do bring my wallet like literally everyday. One or two times I was like left my wallet, just because I thought without the wallet it was easier only to bring the money out. And I would find some moment where I realize that I should take the ATM with me or I am being regretful for bringing less money.

1. MONEY. In cash

Who wouldn't? There would be times I brought my wallet with full of recipient notes without money on it....

2. Debit cards
I have three of them but I am just frequently use one for daily needs. The other one was turned down years ago because it supposed as a saving account and a recent one was like money that I got from some kind part time job in my spare time that I've done. I've learned much since I was little about savings and I recommend anyone to follow @PritaGhozie in twitter since she had such simple advice on how to manage your money.
I am strongly refuse to use credit card even when I am in the middle need to use it like several years ago to book a flight, I will ask for help from some of my relatives. The reason is just like woman was born to love discount and promos. So, I thought it would wiser if I have cards that I could manage better now and the future. I am still learning how to manage my own money and not going insane in all of mega sale things or promos. 

3. ID cards

4. Member cards
As I said before I am not that insane to get such a membership discount or else. I just happen to have Taiwanese's bubble drink cards like if you had 10 alrd they would like to give you a free cup! (This is one of things that I couldn't resist). 
But I don't have such a coffee shops or lounges or else. I don't really like to hang out, this is just some people preference, no offense! Because some people maybe tend to be more productive if they are in good ambiance like in coffee shop or lounge.

5. Pictures
ID pictures in various size, in case anybody would ask it and ask me for sign. Lol. No.
I am in my clinical rotation that require me to go in and out in some of departement and they will ask for picture to complete the administration and things like that.

My wallet was like a simple one, not that much as you expect. Anybody would share them?
Like what else we can put in?

7 komentar:

  1. Asal ada kartu debit, saya bw uang tunai dikit aja :D

    1. Hahaha setuju mba Nathalia :)))
      salam kenal ya mbaa

  2. I always bring cash money, id card and ATM because
    I don't have debet cards.

    1. Anyway, ATM and debit card is the same thing :)
      Nice to know you Mba Ety :)

  3. kalau kamu ga punya ide untuk menulis, coba kunjungi google trends, cari topik yang sedang populer, lalu ulas di blogmu, mau coba??

    1. Wah terima kasih untuk masukannya :) akan segera dicoba!
      Salam kenal!

    2. ada tutorialnya ga mas? saya mau coba nih